Heavy Lifting


Heavy Lifting

Across the spectrum of industries that Weld-Con has worked in be it petrochemical plants, power stations, oil and gas or mining, heavy lifting support is required from all stages of construction, maintenance and in emergency works.

Weld-Con has a large modern fleet of lifting equipment from cranes ranging from 25T all the way up to 140T. Additionally we have developed the expertise to carry out complicated gantry type lifts for large equipment and setting in place using jack and slide technology.

Weld-Con’s heavy lifting division are able to support our clients in every major industrial sector. With a combination of specialized equipment and experienced team, we are able to help our clients benefit with our services. Our main aim during a lifting study and procedure is to ensure that the work is done safely whilst shortening the critical path resulting in facilities coming into production, returning to service on schedule.

Wherever large, heavy and out of gauge equipment or components need to be lifted, Weld-Con can supply the equipment, expertise and experience to do the job safely and efficiently.


Our Heavy Lifting Fleet